Who are you?

I'm Rachel. 

I run after two precocious, opinionated, wild and precious kids.

My bemused, supportive husband sometimes succeeds in balancing out my crazy.

At various times in my life I have wanted to be a writer, a filmmaker, an astronaut and an ophthalmologist.

Actually, I still want to be all those things. Except astronaut. 

I love circle booths and paying for things with exact change.

I make stuff.

What is a toss?

The original toss

The first project I ever did with my serger was this hack-the-legs-off-an-end-table-and-slipcover-it-to-make-an-ottoman thing I had seen on Pinterest. Covered in stray threads and giddy with pride, I drug my husband out of bed and into the living room to show him the newest addition to our household.

"It's nothing short of a Triumph of Sewing and Serging," I proclaimed.

"So, a TOSS?" he asked. 

Since then, the TOSS acronym has entered our family vernacular to describe any accomplishment, great or small. "Sewing and serging" becomes "seasoning and sauteing," "sorting and soaking," "stripping and screwing" (think furniture people), "splicing and syncing" or "shushing and soothing."

And some days, when I'm surrounded by a messy house and half-done projects, when I feel like I'm falling short as a wife and mother and all-around human being, well those days might only be Triumphs of Stamina and Survival. But they're still triumphs.