Charleston Birthday Weekend

One of the perks of sharing a birthday with the esteemed Dr. King is the annual three-day weekend that falls near both of our birthdays. Thursday I suggested we go away, Friday we booked a hotel, and Saturday afternoon we rolled into Charleston, SC, every bit as charming as we'd been led to believe. 

It was a chilly, windy weekend, and I had neglected to bring winter coats (I mean, come on, there's palm trees everywhere!), but by calling upon  what's left of our Midwestern cold weather resilience we managed to make the most of it.

We spent a fair amount of energy simply Keeping Jonathan Alive (the world is his sidewalk) and spent a disproportionate amount of time exploring the myriad of quaint, pictuesque alleys where he could run free.

Another popular stop was the aquarium, which further confirmed what I've long believed: the otter is my spirit animal.  Naomi loved the jellyfish, and Jonathan was into it all.

But the undisputed highlight, the transcendent experience Naomi lists as her favorite part of the weekend and that has her already asking to return to Charleston, was the indoor pool at our hotel, where we spent our evenings after dinner. I didn't have the wherewithal to photograph the cramped, damp, fumy, echo-y dungeon room that housed the pool, but to our kids, it was heaven. And return we will.