(St)itching for Spring

In an effort to extricate myself from heavy knits and plaid flannel sewing projects, I used our Florida trip as an excuse to make a few quick things for the kids:

For the elastic waist shirt dress, I used this Anthem of the Ants dress for inspiration. My current favorite store-bought dress of Naomi's is the Anthem of the Ants brand - though sadly it is getting too small - and I love the classic-with-an-edge vibe their clothes have. I started with a thrifted man's shirt, a chambray Old Navy skirt of mine that was past its prime, and a coordinating quilting cotton for the belt. I preserved the original button down placket and finished off the neckline and armholes with bias binding. It is the most elaborate thing I have winged without a pattern (and still not that elaborate), and I was excited it came out looking like an actual dress.  

For Jonathan, I cut apart daddy's neglected J Crew seersucker pants. It escapes me how Alex came to own seersucker pants - I must have had visions of us yachting to Martha's Vineyard, Kennedy-style - and he only really wore them once a year for date night in Florida. I have to say this for J Crew, that was a pretty intense, masterfully-constructed waistband, which I recycled for Jonathan. I used the Coastal Cargos pattern by Blank Slate Patterns with the cargo pockets omitted. It's the second Blank Slate pattern I've sewn, and both have been a pleasure. I sized them up a bit and hid an extra three inches of length in the *cough* blind *cough cough* hem, so my dream is that he will be able to wear them until he's 20... or at least for another season or two.

This knit play dress was a super-quick, all-serger project. I had bought this plus-sized maxi skirt 50% off from Goodwill a little while back thinking it could be something cute. (PSA: thrift store maxi dresses and maxi skirts are where it's at for inexpensive knit fabric yardage.) I used a raglan tee shirt pattern I had on hand and added a simple bias-cut skirt and little pocket.

Naomi broke in the dress by wading in the Atlantic on our winter beach day and proclaimed it a success.


And now, with Florida behind us, I'm turning back to long sleeves and hoods.  And dreaming of spring.