Easter Sewing

I feel like Easter is the superbowl of sewing. There is always so much loveliness on Instagram  and Pinterest and Facebook this time of year. Growing up, we always had new (storebought) Easter clothes from my grandparents, which is a bit of tradition I have carried with me my whole life. Now that I can make clothes, I love the idea of sewing something special for the kids to celebrate Resurrection Day. 

Naomi's dress is five vintage table napkins, lined with a pillowcase and trimmed with a tablecloth. I am slowly working through all the household linens I bought when I first started sewing and was scared to spend money on real yardage, though even as a more confident sewer, Goodwill is still my favorite place to find fabric.

This is also the first fitted dress I drafted from scratch using her new sloper that will stay current for, oh, probably only a few more weeks. I wanted something classic and Easter-y with a scooped back and full skirt. Originally the bodice was going to be gathered into the waistband, but that was giving me fits and I was running out of time, so we went simple. The skirt has a little tuck above the ruffle, making the pink almost look like a separate slip.

But above all, I am pretty proud of the invisible zipper going through three lines of piping. (This is the second year in a row I have decided her Easter dress Must. Have. Piping. I don't know why I do this to myself.) My husband had to hear me recount that feat several times in excruciating detail, which I will refrain from going into here.


Jonathan is wearing what I have settled on as his signature holiday look: a waistcoat and jeans. The vest is a free pattern from The Sewing Rabbit here. Last time I made it, I made a mental note to move the pockets out a little, which of course I forgot and sewed it the same again. Slow learner, me. The fabric was a medium weight thrifted button down shirt.

These are his same Small Fry Skinny jeans from Christmas. The 2T pattern is available for free from Titchy Threads here. Fabulous pattern, fantastic instructions. I will unreservedly be buying the full version soon as it has a lot more options, and he is already outgrowing the 2T (sniff, sniff).

Sidenote: It is impossible to photograph him outside without some sort of stick in his hand. In fact, the only way I can lure him from place to place outside is with a new stick.