Lifting the Costume Ban

If she had her way, I'd be sewing costumes all-day everyday. So when she came to me and said she wanted an Apple Jack costume, I gave my usual response of "Let's wait until Halloween and then you can choose whatever costume you want for me to sew."

But when she plunged ahead anyway with "But it's just a jean skirt and a white shirt" I reconsidered, and thinking of the pile of ripped jeans in my repurpose pile and her upcoming preschool farm field trip, I consented.

The skirt is panels cut from the legs of Dad's old Levis topped with an elastic waist. I drafted some patch pockets and when I went to execute my vision, I quickly learned that "curved, gathered, and denim" are not a combination of words you ever want in front of pockets. In retrospect, the denim was a bit heavy for the shape of the skirt, but it's passable.

The shirt is a woman's linen blouse I cut down to her size and finished off with bias tape (so, no tucks by me).

Overall, a successful farm field trip outfit (and Apple Jack "costume").